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Major Cases

Performing as a lecturer, author, testifying and/or consulting expert witness

Founded by Professor Ellis Horowitz, Computer Science Consulting Inc. is a California corporation devoted to the legal and academic communities. It provides a wide variety of computer related tasks, including:
  • Providing legal assistance and testimony for copyright and patent infringement cases
    Professor Ellis Horowitz has over 20 years experience as a computer software expert, including experience with deposition and trial testimony, in State and Federal courts. Specialties include Intellectual Property cases, primarily patent and copyright infringement analyses, plus software analyses in trade secret and Internet trademark matters.
  • Authoring computer science books
    A successful author of more than 10 books on computer science subjects ranging from data structures, algorithms, databases to software engineering.
  • Teaching computer science course material, e.g. short courses
    Experience developing new technology course material for delivery to a technical or non-technical audience.
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CSC, Inc. has access to a wide range of computer consultants, by virtue of being a member of one of the largest computer science departments in the US, the Computer Science Department at USC. I have worked on several landmark legal cases, click here for more details. For any further information regarding our services please contact us at:
horowitz@usc.edu or 213-740-8056

Member: ACM, IEEE, Amer. Soc. for Eng. Education, Forensic Expert Witness Assoc.
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